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Rice and Shrimp

About Sara's Cooking & Catering
History & Background

Sara Eller, our Executive Chef & Owner, was originally born in Istanbul, Turkey. Sara’s early childhood is filled with the sweeping aromas of freshly baked pastries that lined the cobblestone streets. She remembers walking by the sea and seeing all the different colored fruits and vegetables that were harvested from the local farms.


On a regular basis Sara would spend time helping her mother in the kitchen as they prepared for family gatherings and Jewish holidays. By the time she was eight years old, her family decided to move to Israel. In Israel, she was exposed to a number of different cultures and cuisines. As she grew up, got married, and had children in Israel the foundation of her culinary knowledge became based on a Mediterranean diet. However, living in such a diverse community where most citizens are either first or second generation immigrants, she was often surrounded with chefs from different ethnic backgrounds (Moroccan, French, Italian, etc.) This opportunity allowed her to gather a greater understanding of cuisines. She has taken the knowledge she’s learned and has created her own unique style of cooking. Sara’s goal was to create an outlet where she would be able to share the flavors and cuisines she’s experienced from around the world. See Sara's Sample Menus Pages.


Established since 1990, Sara’s Cooking & Catering focuses on providing our clients with a unique and flavorful experience. In the beginning, Sara’s Cooking worked exclusively with smaller social and corporate clients. Our mission has always been to provide superior customer  service while focusing on attention to detail. We gather our inspiration from cuisines around the world, while personalizing and tailoring each menu to fit the clients needs. In addition to full service catering, Sara’s Cooking offers personalized diets for clients based on specific dietary needs.


As the company expanded, Sara passed down her enthusiasm for catering to her children Maya, Daniel, and Yoel. The environment and passion that was fueled by making this a family business helped launch the company into the wedding industry. In the past 15 years, Sara’s Cooking has taken major steps in becoming recognized as one of Boston’s premier wedding caterers.  

Styles of Cooking

Meet The Team

Sara Eller


Sara Eller is Executive Chef, & Owner of Sara's Cooking & Catering

Yoel Eller


Yoel Eller is General Manager, Sara's Cooking & Catering

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